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Stories About Our Services ownyourpower

"Thank you for everything…your professionalism, take charge attitude, and most of all patience. I feel a lot better having met with you today. You make breathing a little easier."
- Stephanie Scott-
Founder, Linda, The Eye For Beauty and Former Associate Beauty Editor of ESSENCE Magazine

"Not only was our company able to recruit talented individuals {Team Building Package}, but we attracted people who wanted to do business with our company. I have received more than what I expected. I have received such a huge response from every spectrum of the country! Because of the hard work of OYP, we are looking to build and sustain a long lasting relationship with them. I have already referred their services to a colleague.

OYPC has impeccable customer service skills and excellent follow through, which is particularly important for the industry we are in. Thanks 'SO MUCH' Simone!"
-Josiah Wells-
Co-Founder, The Image Magazine

"Online marketing and community building is Simone's passion and she is focused and diligent in pursuing this passion. Simone was the driving influence behind the definition, creation of Volume.com's community site functionality and member development (the backbone of our site) and her focus and diligence translated into one of the best community sites on the web. Simone covers all the bases from competitive analysis to audience research and from member communications to networking through moderators and online street teams. And she does it all without blowing the budget. She's smart, she's a team player and she's fun to work with. What more could you ask for?"
- Kevin Dowdell -
Former CEO of Volume.com

and Former VP of HBO.com

Volume.com - an HBO property

"Simone's professionalism is awesome and her knowledge of the Internet and marketing techniques for your site is phenomenal."
- Lydia Andrews -
President, Strength in Sisters Empowerment Group

"I loved the initial consulting process and how Ms. Kelly-Brown provided a step-by-step plan for each stage of my business! She's great for strategizing."
- Chotsani Williams -
Founder, Exuberant Creations, www.exuberantcreations.com

"Simone's energy and determination made me feel confident that the site and marketing plan would be exactly what my company needed!"
- Heidi Maloy -
President, Play Smart Consulting

Working with Simone Kelly-Brown  was a truly wonderful experience. I came to Simone a "Jack of all Trades", she helped me to stay focused and honest about my strengths, weaknesses and vision. She came to our meeting more than prepared with questions that got right down to the facts. Simone's energy was so vibrant that I just got so motivated and ready to hit the ground running. Just after a week of our first meeting, I have already reached two of my goals on my list thanks to Simone's coaching. I look forward to working with her on a variety of business endeavors. I wish Ms.Kelly much deserved success.
- Kimberly Wright -    
Scrub-U-Licious Body Scrubs

I placed an ad on craigslist.org looking for an Intern. After waiting two weeks, I received little response. I then contacted Own Your Power,  where I obtained helpful tips on writing an ad, where to place it, and how to process interviews. Within days (no exaggeration) responses to my ad flooded in. I found  an intern who is incredibly responsible.  After developing a wonderful professional relationship, I offered her a permanent position after completing a 2-month internship.  We also hired a new intern for the summer who is just as efficient and responsible. Our bright and skillfull interns helped our profits double in 3 months . The ideas shared by Simone  proved to be extraordinarily effective and
invaluable. Without a doubt, I happily recommend them to help any business owner stay on the path to success!
- Sid Haywoode -
Events Director

"Developing a relationship with your customers is key to successful product marketing; Simone Kelly-Brown knows how to do just that. With a combination of strategic thinking and just plain old common sense, Simone created successful member attraction and retention programs for Volume.com and spearheaded member marketing initiatives such as site moderators and street teams. She played a critical role in developing the kind of member-focused content and technologies that created a tremendously loyal Volume audience and made for a sticky site. Her ideas are solid and her execution is strong, generating value no matter what the size of your marketing budget."
- Margot Lee -
Executive Editor, Tarte Magazine.
Former Director of Business Strategy, Volume.com

"It's Own Your Power's personal touch that is so invaluable to our relationship. From day one, Simone Kelly-Brown and her associates have repeatedly analyzed the best marketing needs for our site through continual digital (email, chat, forums) as well as face-to-face contact. They've gone above and beyond the agreed terms in order to keep us informed of the latest interactive marketing technologies and services. OYP made sure that RedIbis definitely would be one of the few who 'GOT IT!'"
- Deirdra McIntyre -
Founder, redIbis.com

"Working with Simone Kelly-Brown is like a breath of fresh air. She is an inspiration to me in terms of her success and capability as a businesswoman, talented author  and networking. Jack of all Trades, Master of None is a
must-read for all ambitious entrpeneurs!

Prior to my eight-week coaching program with her I had no idea that there were other ways to develop my business and market my holistic therapy services. I am now hiring an intern to work for me, and I have a tried and true system in place for running my company so that I can delegate projects as well as manage my practice when traveling if needed.

My client-base has expanded, and I am now creating new possibilities for leading large seminars, retreats, and holistic events including my music production, on a global scale. Simone truly loves what she does, and speaking with her always leaves me inspired, grateful, and able to take concrete steps towards extraordinary business success. Many Thanks!"
- Rohi (Kena Custage) -

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you during our 8 week session.  I feel that I accomplished much in focusing the business as well as making sure that I plan my months for promotional activities and networking time.  I was apprehensive in doing the networking part, but since I started identifying events and getting out, a lot has happened as far as new partnerships are concerned."

Sharon Burton
Authentic Art Consulting

Stories About Our Events

Hello Simone,

So far I have received half-dozen e-mails about last night's event. I am compiling everything to send to you later today.You were fabulous! Your presentation was well planned and organized, and addressed the key components of networking; your insights and wisdom about networking should be heard by all. Personally, I had an opportunity to meet and connect with successful women genuinely eager to share their knowledge and experience with me. The attendance was great! We had 54 women!

As you realized these ladies did not want to leave!Again, thank you for being a part of NSU Miami's Women Celebration we look forward to having you again.!

Warm regards,
Regine B. Cambronne
Assistant Director for Program Development
Nova Southeastern University Miami Student Educational Center

Web Site: http://www.nova.edu/sec/miami/

Thank you so much for creating a rich and powerful experience in the Give N Take network. You clearly have found your gift in life: bringing different people together in an atmosphere of trust, openness, and vitality so everyone leaves feeling enriched. What a tremendous gift! How remarkable you are! I am so grateful to have met you. And, I left last night feeling so alive for having met such strong, exciting women.
Robin DeSantis
Personal Life Coach

"The atmosphere {Give N Take} was very laid back as well as productive.   I walked away feeling good about the event and all of the great people I had the opportunity to network with. Thank you!"
Desiree L. Johnson
Affair Elegance, LLC

"I truly enjoyed my first Own Your Power workshop. I must admit that I wasn't sure what to expect but I was excited by the energy and dynamics of being in a room with like-minded people. Although I'm currently at the "9-to-5 but want to start a small business" crossroads, the event helped me to put things into perspective. I think the size of the group was also conducive to a positive intimate environment. I also think that the diversity of the group aided in the whole experience. It's an inspiration to hear others talk about their niche"
Take care,
Erica  Thomas

"The Getaway was absolutely a great business opportunity and healing experience."
Juanita Johnson, Marketing Consultant

"What an awesome presentation.  The entire room vibrated as you spoke. You brought wit, humour and great information.  Can't believe you packed so much in in the short time that was allotted.  That 's the mark of the consumate professional.   Sooooooooooo glad that I was there this morning to watch you work your show.  Let me know what you 're doing next!

Thanks for the wonderful information that you 're sharing. I just visited your website, love it!  Thanks again for the great resources that you share."
Cecelia, The Benjamin Leadership Group, Inc.

"Hello, Simone!
It was very nice meeting you {at the Own Your Power Workshop} and attending your enlightening and empowering event. I've learned so much in a 2 1/2 hour time span.  The event was affordable, comfortable, motivating and inspiring!Your seminar is something I will definitely recommend to another friend and acquaintance when they're feeling at a stump with getting their business off the ground or just for knowledgeable information.  

Your event shared a lot of valuable information to help market and promote my business.  I feel more
confident to move full force with my business to make it as successful as it can be.  Anything is possible!
Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences!"
Tamiko H. Hargrove

"I can't stop smiling! The right people, the right time, the right place. It was divine. I needed to Getaway - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally - from all the confusion, frustration and disappointment surrounding me. The Gots To Have It, Getaway  weekend served as an outlet and vehicle to self-realization. Throughout the course of our time together, I realized that the true Getaway starts from within."
Crystal Scott, Lawyer

"Congrats and big thanks to Simone for having the vision to create the Getaway. The great mix of topics on the program certainly got us all fired up, empowered, inspired, motivated, and more. I feel blessed to have been a part of this fabulous, progressive, forward-thinking and wonderful group!"
Elenor Lindsay, Holistic Health Counselor

"My cousin and I attended your workshop last night (It’s Time To Look in The Mirror at Hueman Books), it was just what we needed.   I have to say that I really enjoyed it and I'm still on a high.  I can see why you love what you do, it feels good to help others.  You provided a forum to help me think out loud.   I will be using your book to help me with researching a career in event planning. Thanks so much!!!"
Cathy Philbert

"Wow, thank you so much for speaking at our event! You truly have a gift in your ability to inspire and motivate others. Your enegy is infectious. My in-box was full of rave reviews from our attendees. We are so fortunate to have found you, and you are welcome back anytime!"
Brenda Rivas
eWomeNetwork, Managing Director

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Congratulations  on all of your sucess!  Your newsletters have been awesome and very motivating. Keep bringing that positive vibe and forward strive to the top!"
Doreen L. Malcolm

"On behalf of the Student Educational Centers, I would like to thank you for making your presentation this morning at our annual retreat. Our group of Directors and Assistant Directors enjoyed learning about your professional tips and strategies for successful marketing and recruitment efforts. Thank you again! "
Carrie M. Florea
Director of Marketing and Performance
Nova South University Student Educational Centers


Stories About Give 'n Take Membership

"The Give 'N Take Network Membership was one of the best investments I made.  In the last two years of membership I have seen the power of networking unfold before my eyes.  The powerhouse women who make up GNT have helped with new business launches, non-profit fundraising, building brand awareness and providing professional support to one another.  I met my business coach through GNT and one of our most active Hiyaah Power members through GNT.  Simply put...you "gots to have it."  Thank you Simone for all of your hard work and dedication to empowering women across the United States."
Niambi Jarvis
Hiyaah Power.com

"Renewing my Give 'N Take membership was part of my new years resolution...but since I couldn't wait to get back to the energy that this networking group exudes, I decided to "come home" early and I'm glad to be back!!
LaVerne Newton
Sony/BMG Entertainment
Sincerely chores, LLC.

"I started my business and got my first client from a Give 'N Take Networking Event and things have been moving forward since then! I was looking for various networking events to promote my new business and came across Simone, Gots To Have It and Give N Take Network. That night I met Simone, I knew that I had found something that was completely different than all the other networking events that I had experienced. This was real networking, with people who needed and were giving real services or products. I continue to work with Simone in various ways and my business client roster has grown from being involved with her, her innovative work and her organization of forward-thinking professionals. Becoming a member of Give 'N Take was one of the best business moves I've made."
Dannielle Brantley
Mocha Works, Marketing